Custom Service


  • December 29 - 2015

Our design capability comprises the following application, we know the tip and the certification required,


Platform Selection

  • December 29 - 2015

We provide various selection on platform and modules,

* Platform: Intel, AMD, ARM (TI, Freescale)

 intel AMD  freescale 


*  RF Module Integration: WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G/4G LTE, RFID, NFC...etc.

wifi 3glte gps  rfid


* Power Module: DC to DC, AC to DC Power Module

* Panel Selection:

   Industrial Panel 

   Wide Range Temperature

   Wide Viewing Angle

   Sunlight Readable


  • December 29 - 2015

Our softaware ablitity can help handle below requests,

* Firmware Modification: Custom requirements on AMI BIOS

* OS: Windows Embedded Series (XP, WES7, Win7 pro embedded, Win8.1...etc.), Linux 

* Custom APP Creation: We help your company create your own APP (APK) on Google Play or iOS APP store.

   The coverage of our service: 1. Logo Design   2. Content Design   3. APP Fuction Design   4. Upload to Play Store or iOS APP store.  The APP could be utilized on Mobile / Tablet / All Ruggedtech-Systems' Android System.

G play


Custom Housing

  • December 29 - 2015

We can 100% custom your housing without design cost (NRE) which includes in our services. 

We provide 3D drawing for check until confirm the final looking,


We have well-experienced industrial designer who can incorporate related people from hardware, RF, thermal, material team to finish the work.


  • December 29 - 2015

We have well-experince and lab. in dealing with below certification on custom product.

All our design would follow the necessarity of  these regulation,

  1. Basic for products: CE/ FCC / E-Mark
  2. For Marine products:  IEC 60945 / DNV
  3. For Meical products:  EN60601-1, UL60601-1
  4. For Power Station / Substation: EMI IEC 61850-3
  5. For Train Application: EN50155
  6. Military Standard: MIL-STD-810G, and MIL-STD-461F

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